All the works

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violet flowers diptich 120 X 80 cm acrylic on canvas £1000
Abstract Landscape diptich 160 X 60cm £1000
poppies field diptich 120 X 80cm acrylic on canvas £1000
60x80cm acrylic on canvas £500
Epping Forest 60x80cm acrylic on canvas £500
Ancient dancer A 30x40cm 0il on canvas £200
Cows in Richmond 30x40cm oil on canvas £200
Escape from fire 40x50cm mixed media £250
Roses in Vase 60x80cm acrylic on canvas £500
Future Knowledge 60x80cm mixed media on canvas £900
Ancient Dancer B 30x40cm oil on canvas £200
Epping Forest Farmer 30x40cm oil on mdf £300
Epping fields 40.5x51cm oil on canvas £200
Cotswolds village 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Windy Sea 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Crashing Waves 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Rocky Coast 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
HUNTERS LODGE CHINGFORD 30x40cm oil on mdf £250
The Guards 61x76cm oil on canvas £700
The Monk 40x50cm mixed media on canvas £200
Scotney Castle 40x50cm oil on canvas £250
Mayfield Lavanders Farm 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Cherokee Indian 40x50cm oil on canvas £350
Messenger 40x50cm acrylic on canvas £250
Sunflowers and Roses 76x101cm mixed media £600
Thoughts 60x80cm 0il on canvas £550
Cowboy 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Future Knowledge 60x80cm mixed media on canvas £800
Maistros wind 25x30cm oil on canvas £100
High Grove garden 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Centaurus 30x40cm oil on mdf £300
Nat Gallery 40x50cm oil on board £150
Roses in a Vase 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
Quick Study 25x30cm oil on mdf £50
Plaza de Cascorro  Madrid 30x40cm oil on canvas £200
Gipsy girl 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Les deux filles ( copy Renoir) 40x50 cm oil on board £600
Going to School 40x50cm oil oncanvas £200
Cheyenne Girl 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Farm life 40x50cm oil on canvas £ 350
Dance of Apollo 61x91cm oil on canvas £500
Corn Stalks30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Break in the Farm 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Study unfinished  30x40cm oil on canvas £100
Wild Flowers 30x40cm oil on mdf £150
Sunflower fields 40x50cm mix media £250.
Village 32x42cm oil on mdf £200
Old Time lady 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Richmond Park fields 40x50cm oil on canvas £150
Girl in farm 50x70cm acrylic on canvas £4500
Abstract 40x50cm acrylic onboard £200
Wild flowers 30x40cm oil on canvas £250.
Rocky Mountains 25x30cm oil on canvas £150
Old Man 25x30cm oil on mdf £100
Hill Gardens London 30x40cm oil on board £180
Man from Tibet 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Interior with flowers 30x40cm oil on canvas £200
Girl with Lamb 30x40cm oil on mdf £150
Marina 60x80cm acrylic on canvas £300
Orchide 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Cotswolds fields 40x61cm oil on mdf £300
Cotswalds Fields 40x61cm oil on mdf £300
Flute player 30x40cm oil on mdf £200
Epping Forest fields 30x40cm oil on canvas £200
Migration 50x70cm oil on canvas £450
Chief 30x40 oil on mdf £150
Abstract 40x50cm acrylic on canvas board £150
The Parliament-London 40x50cm oil on canvas £250
Winter in Siberia 41x61cm oil on canvas £300
Sun flowers 40x50cm acrylic on canvas £250
Native indian woman 40x30cm oil on mdf £180
Playing at the Beach 30x40cm oil on canvas £250
Sunset in Canon beach 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Abstract in blue 61x91cm acrylic on canvas £500
After the storm (abstract) 30x40cm oil on mdf £180
Dancer A 40x30cm oil on mdf £180
Kite 61x61cm oil on canvas £300
Greek island 25x30cm acrylic on canvas £100
Sunset in Peloponesse Greece 100x150cm oil on canvas £2500
Western Man 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
St Paul cathedral London 30x40cm oil on mdf £150
Poppies in Sussex UK 30x40cm oil on mdf £130 £130
Lavander fields 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
lake in Epping Forest 30x40cm £150
Hyde Park 40x50cm oil on canvas £250
Underwater 61x91cm acrylic on canvas £500
Wild White Roses 60x80cm oil on canvas £350
Vineyards in toscany 30x40cm oil on MDF £150
White Roses 38x48cm oil on MDF £150
The Dancer 40.5x51cm oil on canvas £250.
Posing girl 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
Hunters Lodge Chingford 30x40cm oil on mdf £180
Absract 25x25 cm acrylic on canvas £150.
Epping yellow fields 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Girl with flowers 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
Dancer in black 30x40cm oil on MDF £150.
THE GARD OF THE LAKE 76x101cm oil on canvas £2500
Trafalgar square 61x92cm oil on canvas £550
Epping Forest swans green 50x70cm acrylic on canvas £300
Morning cofee with flowers 62x46 acrylic on canvas £300
Lavanders fields 40x50cm acrylic on canvas £250
Man from Morocco 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Epping forest Farmer 30x40cm oil on mdf £250
Nude Study 25x30cm oil on canvas £100
Abstract 70x100cm acrylic on canvas £500
Bald Eagle 40x50cm oil on canvas £350
Connaught Water Epping Forest 60x80cm oil on canvas £450
Sunset in vineyards-Greece oil on canvas 50,5x61cm £250
Country side UK 50,5x61cm £250
Big Ben oil on canvas 50,5x61cm £250
Wild flowers 30x40cm oil on MDF £180
Wild roses 30x40cm oil on mdf £150
Wild roses 30x40 oil on mdf £150
Sun Flowers oil on canvas board £150
Frarmers oil on mdf £200
Epping Forest chingford 30x40cm oil on MDF £200
Scotland 30x40cm oil on MDF £200
Lake in Epping Forest 30x40cm oil on MDF £200
Poppies in Sussex 30x40cm oil on MDF £150
Little riders 30x40cm oil on MDF £250