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King Charles III ( in Royal Collection)
Greek Orthodox Archbishop  Grigorios 60x80cm oil on canvas
Cretan Man 50x40cm oil on canvas SOLD
Marinika Smirnova Model 60x80cm oil on canvas
Gold Miner 60X80cm N.F.S
Cretan Old Man 21X15cm oil on mdf SOLD
Massai Man SOLD
old man 25x30cm oil on mdf £100
Hindu man 21x15cm oil on mdf  £120
morrocan man 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Cherokee Man SOLD
guru astrologer SOLD
morocian man 40x30cm oil on canvas £300
western man 40x50cm oil on canvas £200
Gabrielle Cot 21x15cm oil on mdf £150
Aphrodite 21x15cm oil on mdf £130
Man from Tibet 30x40cm oil on canvas £25
Pope Julius II reproduction 40x30cm on mdf £1700
La Frileuse reproduction 40x30cm oil on canvas £1700
young girl 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Old man1A 6x9cm oil on mdf £200
old time lady 40x50cm oil on canvas £300
Purple turban 40x30cm oil on mdf  SOLD
cretan man SOLD
Rembrantd SOLD
flower girl STOLEN
girl in blue SOLD
cretan man SOLD
Woman from Constantinople 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Sultan Suleyman 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Woman from Constantinople 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Cretan man 21x15cm oil on mdf £100
copy of L.Da Vinci £150
bedouin 21x15cm oil on mdf £120
Salvator Mundi 21x15cm oil on mdf £150
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Guru Astrologer
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Cherokee Man
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Massai Man
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Cretan Old Man
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cretan man2_edited_edited
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